Corporate Governance

Company Management

The Executive Managers of Highview Healthcare are Bill Alexander, Michael O’Leyar, Debbie Nagle and Martin Vidal. Bill Alexander provides a wealth of experience in corporate governance, corporate finance, strategic planning and mergers and acquisitions as well as experience in the staffing industry through his previous involvement in technology and financial services staffing companies. Michael O’Leyar provides day-to-day finance, accounting, human resources and administrative services to Highview Healthcare, Millennium Travel and Trusted Nurse. Debbie Nagle and Martin Vidal have an impressive array of experience in entrepreneurial company management in general and healthcare staffing in particular.

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Board of Directors

In addition to Bill Alexander, Debbie Nagle, RN, and Martin Vidal, Joe Leitch, with his knowledge of financial markets, Patrick Rosa, with his experience in the healthcare industry in general, Tim Sardinia, with his experience in corporate finance, and Joe Veys, MD, with his experience as a medical professional, as members of the board of directors, the Highview Healthcare management team brings diversity and a wealth of experience, a
multiplicity of skills and a unique approach to the task of building a dynamic and profitable healthcare staffing services company. Collectively, this management team has in excess of 200 years of business experience.

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Professional Advisors

The Bonadio Group is a nationally ranked top 40 Certified Public Accounting firm, headquartered in Pittsford, New York, that was founded in 1978 and is led by active, engaged partners. The Bonadio Group has provided financial accounting, tax accounting, tax advisory and business advisory services to Highview Healthcare and its affiliates since 2008.

Patrick Beard Schulman & Jacoway is a regional law firm, headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with the capability to provide assistance on a wide range of complex legal matters. Highview Healthcare and its affiliates have had a business relationship with Patrick Beard Schulman & Jacoway since 2006, when Highview Healthcare was founded.

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Our Companies

Highview Healthcare Partners

Highview Healthcare was formed in April 2006 as a holding company to take advantage of growth opportunities in the rapidly expanding healthcare staffing sector of the staffing and recruiting industry. Highview Healthcare provides administrative support services for its two operating subsidiaries, Millennium Travel Nursing and Trusted Nurse Staffing. Bill Alexander is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and Michael J. O’Leyar is Vice President and Financial Controller.

Millennium Travel Nursing

Millennium Travel Nursing was formed in October 2007. Debbie Nagle, a Registered Nurse and seasoned healthcare professional, is President and Chief Executive Officer of Millennium. Millennium provides travel nurse staffing and home healthcare staffing services to its clients, generally on the basis of a one-year contract, by providing healthcare professionals with appropriate educational credentials and practical experience. Bill Alexander is Chairman of Millennium. 

Our mission is to provide leading healthcare facilities with exceptionally accomplished, diverse candidates to meet healthcare staffing needs in a timely and service-oriented manner.

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Trusted Nurse Staffing LLC

Trusted Nurse Staffing was formed in June 2008. Martin Vidal is President and Chief Executive Officer of Trusted. Like Millennium, Trusted provides travel nurse staffing and home healthcare staffing services to organizations that have engaged Trusted by identifying and recruiting candidates with appropriate educational credentials and practical experience. Trusted was founded on the belief that qualified professionals and personal attention can change the face of healthcare. 

We are a first-class operation dedicated to providing our employees with the highest degree of professional and financial security.

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